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How to Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Move to Assisted Living?

How to Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Move to Assisted Living?

Moving a loved one to assisted living is perhaps the hardest possible decision a child has to make. In general, people want to live with their own families for as long as they can. Additionally, many senior people unrealistically think that they are able to take care of themselves until the end of their life. Another problem is that a lot of people believe sending their parent away from their family is not the right thing to do. It often triggers a strong sense of guilt or selfishness. So, how can you convince your parent that a move into an assisted living facility could be a positive option?

First, you have to understand the fact that putting a loved one in an assisted living community is the most loving act you can do for him or her as it can significantly improve his or her quality of life in terms of both social and medical perspectives. Therefore, you are not committing a sin by moving your parent to a senior care center such as assisted living. In a good assisted living community, your parent can live a high-quality life with opportunities to enjoy a variety of useful activities such as fine arts, lecturers, religious services, exercise programs and more.

Let’s see how we can help you encourage a parent to move to a assisted living community:

Don’t talk as if you have taken the decision: Don’t approach your loved one as if you have taken the decision already for him or her. Instead, just tell him or her that there are some choices that could make his or her life more fun and enjoyable.

Make a trip to a few assisted living facilities: Make a visit to some local retirement communities and ask if your elderly parent is fine with going to visit and see first-hand how day-to-day operations are handled.

Effectively use teachable moments: Did your parent fall recently? Then he or she is likely to fall again in the future as well. You can try to help your elderly parent understand that staying at home is no longer safe for him or her.

Show some good examples: If anyone you know lives happily in a nearby assisted living facility? You can show that as an example to your parent. Additionally, your loved one would feel better if someone he or she knows – maybe a friend or a former classmate – is already staying happily at the assisted living center you are considering. Check to see if such possibilities exist.

Even if you or your loved one doesn’t know anyone, you can still take him or her to a group of assisted living residents having fun bowling or playing cards. Seeing the social aspects of good assisted living communities will encourage your senior parents to make a move to such a home or community.

Stress the positive aspects: Try to help your elderly parents understand the fact that your home is no longer a safe place for them to live. Also stress the things like: there will be sufficient freedom to remain lonely, but will have company whenever you want it; and you don’t have to cook, but can enjoy delicious, healthy and nutritious meal.

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