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How do I find a good assisted living facility?

How do I find a good assisted living facility?

All of us want to move our loved ones to the best retirement home when living at home becomes no longer safe for them. But finding the right assisted living community can be a difficult process. Although there are numerous facilities are there across the country, it would be hard to determine which one best fits your loved ones’ needs and preferences. Here are some important tips for choosing a good assisted living facility.

Choosing a Good Assisted Living Community

Tour and observe the entire facility you consider for your loved ones. Meet the staff members of the assisted living facilities you consider and assess the following things:

  • Do they have time to talk with you or are they too busy to speak?
  • Are they warmly interacting with the present residents? Do they have sincere relationship with the residents?
  • How the emergencies are being handled?
  • Do the staff members get special needs training?
  • Does the staff keep awake at night?
  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio?

Meet the current residents and check the following things: 

  • Do they appear happy?
  • Are they enjoying friendship and interaction with each other?
  • Do they have groups on site and hobbies that seem to be interesting?
  • Are they actively participating in community events and activities?
  • Do they appear well dressed and groomed?

Other Considerations


  • Are the bedrooms and bathrooms private or shared?
  • Are common areas clean?
  • Is space available for personal belongings?
  • Are the floors elderly-friendly?


  • Is bathroom safety equipment for seniors, such as grab bars, installed?
  • Are wheelchairs/walkers allowed?
  • Is there an emergency call system?
  • Does the facility have wider halls and doorways for a wheelchair?

Care Plans:

  • Are the residents involved in the care planning?
  • Are the family members involved?
  • Are the healthcare providers involved?
  • Are the plans updated and do they address changes in needs?

Personal Services:

  • Does the assisted living facility you consider provide assistance with bathing and dressing?
  • How often weekly bathing is provided?
  • Is there assistance with incontinency, toileting and medications?
  • Does the facility provide assistance with transfers from wheelchair to bed?


  • Does the facility offer specialized diets?
  • Does it consider ethnic or cultural preferences?
  • Does the facility encourage resident involvement in menu planning?
  • Is the kitchen accessible to residents?
  • Are additional helps or substitutions available?
  • Are snacks and beverages available between meals?


  • Does the facility offer activities to keep the residents active and engaged?
  • Does it take residents on outings?
  • Is there anyone to organize and conduct activities?
  • Do the activities match the interests of your loved ones?
  • Does the facility have a written schedule of activities that include the type, name, date, and time of the activity?
  • Does the community provide transportation as needed for appointments, classes, shopping or errands?


  • Does the facility you consider communicate with family and physician?
  • Are you comfortable talking with the manager/billing, administrator/operator, and staff including caregivers?
  • Does the facility have a structured complaint and grievance policy and a sound and effective process for handling complaints and grievances?
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